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Milsouls is a distinctive brand that partners with Moroccan artisans to design modern goods using age old techniques. Its main focus is bringing the Moroccan Heritage to the 21 century. In our journey, we collaborate with small family owned businesses from different Moroccan cities in order to create the most extravagant collection and bring our designs to life. Our brand is dedicated to preserving the Moroccan crafts, creating job opportunities among artisans, and more importantly empowering women artisans.

Working with women artisans is a very important pillar for building our brand. All our shoes collection, clothes, and rugs are produced by women who has been struggling to make a living either because of lack of education, family issues, or lack of opportunities. By working with them we enable them to provide for themselves and their families. 



Houda is originally from Tangier Morocco but has always been a nomad in heart. After getting her bachelor degree she moved to Philadelphia USA where she got her masters in Financial services and International Marketing. In 2017, she decided to embark on a new journey and launched the Milsouls brand in order to create a business that would positivally and ethically impact her community and introducing unique goods for the modern Nomad.